Sunday, November 30, 2014


We spent Thanksgiving in Nashville this year with my parents.  Instead of going early and leaving right after Thanksgiving, we drove up on Thursday and stayed until Saturday.  It was perfect!

Wednesday night before we left, we had a "friendsgiving" with our neighbors.

We made it to Franklin!

It was cold, but the girls still wanted to play outside.
My little hipster child:)
My dad and Bert took the girls to the park and sent me this picture.

Elizabeth is taking piano lessons.  She showed off her skills to Aunt Hannah who is responsible for sparking that interest!  I love face time.  Hannah was all the way in New Zealand listening and watching Elizabeth play the very same piano she learned to play on. 
We also got to face time with Rebeka.  We woke her up since it was Friday morning over there.

We were lazy on Friday morning and then spent the afternoon on the Main Street of Franklin.

Pappa bought us all Starbucks to drink while we did some window shopping.  My 5-year-old looks like a teenager!

These girls love their Pappa!!

I found this in a shop on Main St.  I must have it!

We had a relaxing and most enjoyable Thanksgiving!  

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