Sunday, November 9, 2014

Update: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

We are on Week 3 of Seven.  We took one week off to do service work.  Here's how we're doing doing so far:

1. Food- Much better than I thought.  It was challenging, but not terrible.

2. Clothes- This was pretty much impossible.  I rarely think that being a stay at home mom is "easier" than being a working mom.  But it would definitely be much easier to only wear 7 items if I were spending a week at home.  I can wear the same thing to two different play dates in the same week, or the same yoga pants while I'm hanging out at home.  But I cannot wear the same clothes every day to work.  So, I pretty much failed that week.  However, it did help me to look at my closet with a new perspective.  I have A LOT of clothes.  Bert never thought he'd hear me say that, but I finally see it.  I haven't bought anything new in months.  I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself.  Thankfully, the week on clothes opened my eyes.  No more pity party and no more frivolous clothes buying.

3. Media- I'm a little worried and excited about this week. Ironically, I left my phone at home last Friday.  It made me so anxious.  I almost went home at lunch just to get it.  I didn't, but I thought about it A LOT!  This week we are stepping back from the screen.  No facebook, no instagram, no twitter, no blogs, etc.  We aren't cutting out TV all together, but we are cutting way back.  I'm also not cutting out e-mail.  I might lose my job if I did:).  My main goal is to not be so addicted to my phone.  Wish me luck!

My girls ready for Sunday School

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