Monday, October 27, 2014

Tiger Dash

Elizabeth's school did an fundraiser where she asked parents (basically grandparents) to sponsor her as she was challenged to complete an obstacle course.  It was called the Tritt Tiger Dash.  We all got to go cheer for her.  It was a beautiful day and so much fun!
Caroline was her sister's best cheerleader
Elizabeth with some of her classmates.  Clearly we wore the wrong purple Tritt shirt.  Oops.

Her class sign.  She LOVES Ms. Arasi!

Elizabeth was in her element for sure!
Me and my baby cheering on big sister.

Little sister was a big hit with Elizabeth's friends.  I hope she always wants to include her!

After she completed an obstacle, Elizabeth would come running up and hug her sister!  Melt my heart!!!

After they were all done and the field was clear, we let Caroline give it a try.  She loved doing what her big sister had been doing.

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