Saturday, September 13, 2014

This Week

My big girl is just thriving in kindergarten.  I love seeing how happy she is every morning to go to school.

My little girl is just as silly as ever.  Never a dull moment with her around:)

EJ has decided she likes skirts or shorts with tops better than dresses.  I'm hoping this trend passes, especially since she has so many dresses because it use to be all she would wear!
On Friday, Elizabeth had Animal Olympics at school.  Since I have 1st period planning and her school starts 40 minutes before mine, I got to be there!  

While I was waiting for the Animal Olympics to start, I watched the Tiger News on the TV in the office lobby.  I had no idea that Elizabeth had been chosen as the STEM Star Student of the Week.  I'm so glad I was there to watch and capture it.   
Her teacher didn't know I was there yet, so she took this picture of the monitor in their room and sent it to me.  

Friday night Bert and I went out with some friends.  We saw an incredible 70s/80s cover band called Yacht Rock Revue at Park Tavern.  We had such a fun night.

Elizabeth is playing soccer again this season.  She is doing so well and loves it.  These pictures are actually from her first game.  At today's game I was reminded of how blessed we are.  We had the super fan section!  Ha!  Two families from our street and Melissa and Reese all came to watch Elizabeth play today. What 5-year-old has 12 fans cheering for them on the sidelines?!?!  This is one lucky girl!!
It was so hot, that we took cover under an umbrella while we watched.

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