Monday, September 8, 2014

Crazy Busy

It's been crazy busy around here. We didn't even slow down on the weekend.  It's exhausting, but fun!
A couple of pics from my school.  We learned about the brain last week so of course we made play do brains and brain hats.  Also, Friday's spirit day was Greek Day at school.  I love their spirit!

I have to brag on my big girl.  Every morning I open her door at 6:30 to give her time to wake up.  By 7:00 she comes down for the first time and she's completely dressed, has brushed her teeth and fixed her hair!  I'm so proud of her being so independent, and I love that our morning routine is zero hassle!  My sweet girl is growing up way too fast.

This precious angel is anything but independent, and that's okay with me too!  I love having this girl literally attached to me every day!
My little fairytale ballerinas

Elizabeth is a speed demon, dare devil on her bike.  Before I could even get all of our school stuff inside, she had her bike out riding it in her ballet outfit and flip flops!  I don't think so little girl!!!  At least she had her helmet on:)

Caroline is good to go on the sidelines:)

The Hills invited us over to cook out and watch the UT game.  It was such a treat!  I can't say I watched a lot of the game because I enjoyed catching up with Mel so much.  And these girls had some fun together too! 

Saturday afternoon we had our neighborhood luau party.  We truly live in the best neighborhood ever!!

We spent Sunday morning at White Water celebrating Reese's birthday.  Then we ended our day at Bentley's Peacock Pool Party for her 5th birthday.  We are getting a lot of pool time in while it's still hot outside!

It's been hard to take a breathe around here.  So much fun and soaking up every bit of it!

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