Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Animal Kingdom Day 3

On Tuesday night, Dianna wasn't feeling well and didn't get much sleep so she decided to rest on Wednesday and skip Animal Kingdom.  I hate that she missed it because this ended up being my 2nd favorite day of the trip.  It was really laid back and my girls love all things with animals so it was perfect!  In addition, the Mastins changed their fast passes so we were all together for most of the day.  The girls were on cloud 9 and so was I:)

Our wild animals were so excited about Kilimanjaro Safari.

After the safari, it was time for our lunch at the Tusker House.  It was a yummy open market style with an African flare.  The girls loved it too, and it was fun to see the characters again.  Elizabeth really thought it was neat that she was wearing safari clothes just like the characters:)

For some reason, Caroline was afraid of Daisy and Donald this time.  She said she didn't like their beaks.

After lunch we got on the train to head to Rafiki's Planet Watch.

There was a scavenger hunt for the kids to find certain animals.  Elizabeth was all over this!  She was determined to find every single one, and she did!
Caroline was content to just sit and doodle.  I was really loving this slow pace and watching them get so excited over the smallest details.  
They always love a petting zoo.

We left "Africa" and walked through "Asia" stopping for a picture at the tree of life.

We rode Triceratops which was similar to Dumbo.  

Caroline was not so happy about being on another ride:(

But she was super excited to see Finding Nemo the Musical!  We met back up with the Mastins for this, and the girls were bouncing off the walls.  They were fascinated with the musical and hung on every word.
Unfortunately, right after we left Nemo, Caroline started throwing up.  At first I thought it was something she ate, but later found out (when we all got sick) that it wasn't.  The good news is that the bug only lasted a few hours before she was back to herself again!  The best news is that the Mastins were there to help me which I never would've survived had they not been.  Elizabeth stayed with them and Riley while I took care of my sick baby.
She woke up in time to watch the Festival of the Lion King which was AMAZING!  Caroline and I sat on the end near the exit in case we had to escape, but Elizabeth got to watch with the Mastins!
C fell asleep on the ride home.
But by the time we got there and bathed her, she was back among the living and ready to play!  And so was Nanna!
After bath time, we all went straight to bed without any hesitation!  

Favorites from the day:
Elizabeth- Kilimanjaro Safari
Caroline- Finding Nemo the Musical
Me- Festival of the Lion King

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