Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Epcot Day 4

On Thursday we went to Epcot.  I know a lot of people skip this with small children, but I was excited to experience the World Showcase. 
The first thing we did was Soarin' which was really cool.  Then we did Turtle Talk with Crush which was cute, and the Finding Nemo ride which was fun for Caroline.  

We walked our way around the World Showcase. After going into Mexico, we decided it wasn't worth lugging the kids in and out of the stroller.  So we decided to just stroll through.  I got a margarita in Mexico and Dianna got a tea in China.  We stopped for a picture in Germany.  The girls drank slushies and enjoyed the ride.  Dianna and I were talking about how much fun it would be to come back when we could really spend some time in each country when the girls were older.  That's when Belle (in her village dress) appeared out of France.  Then we saw Mary Poppins!  What a special treat.  This was the only time we saw characters randomly and stopped to talk with them.
Elizabeth instantly showed Belle that she was wearing her on her shirt.

The night before I changed our dinner reservation in Mexico for a late princess lunch at Akhersus in Norway.  So glad we did because the greeting princess is Belle, Elizabeth's favorite.  Elizabeth is very skeptical about what is "real" so she asked me a lot of questions on this trip.  When she saw Belle in her gown, she was amazed that she had changed out of her village dress in the last 20 minutes.  It was a magical moment to me that my analytical smarty pants was amazed by the magic of Disney!

Once again, Caroline was the first one to jump out of her seat to greet each princess.

After lunch we rode Maelstrom because I knew they were closing it soon to build the new Frozen ride.  Caroline loved the boat ride.  And I was glad that we did find some things for the girls to do to make Epcot more about them.

The best bus ride all week!  We had it all to ourselves.  If there were more rides like this, I might not have post traumatic stress riding the bus!  Ha!

After Epcot, we rested back at our resort and freshened up (it was a hot day).  We decided to go to Downtown Disney for dinner.  It was a beautiful evening!

Nanna and Elizabeth rode the tea cup on the carousel.
Caroline and Elizabeth rode the train by themselves.  They felt so independent (it just went around in circles).
Our favorites:
Elizabeth- Soarin'
Caroline- our princess lunch
Me- strolling the World Showcase (and slowing down for a margarita) 
Nanna- Soarin'

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