Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amelia Island day 3

We started day 3 off with a 12 mile bike ride!  It was a fun way to burn some calories:)  I have become the biggest fan of biking at the beach.  It's so efficient and I always feel like I've taken a step back in time.

These 2 love riding and telling me to "go faster!"
Six of those miles looked just like this... pure bliss.
water break
exploring Fort Clinch

We stopped at Main Beach to eat lunch at Sandy Bottoms. It's right on the beach.  Perfect scenery.  Unfortunately the service and food left much to be desired.  But it takes a lot to break a good mood when you're on vacation!

Elizabeth has discovered her love for cartwheels and handstands!
After our bike ride and lunch break, we got ready to spend the afternoon at the beach.

lifeguard in training

Today was so busy so we decided to make spaghetti and eat in tonight.  After baths, I started making dinner and put on a movie for the girls.  About 10 minutes later Elizabeth was fast asleep.  That never happens!  When she woke up for dinner she told me, "I love vacations."  Me too sweetie, me too!

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