Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Weekend

I didn't realize how busy this weekend was going to be, but it was!  Thank goodness the weather was beautiful.  On Friday we had our Special Ed dance for the county.  SGA pays for the DJ and our kids "chaperone" it and dance with the kids all night.  It's one of my very favorite things to do at school.  Bert and the girls came too.

Me, Alissa (the co-sponsor) and Annie (our president) all wore the same color.  Great minds!
Naomi and Elizabeth danced the night away in their Hollywood glasses.
Caroline preferred watching everyone else dance.

Elizabeth had a soccer game on Saturday.  Then we went to Sonic to celebrate a hard-played game (she scored 5 goals)!

Bert made dinner plans for my birthday at the Butcher and the Baker (a new place I've been wanting to try).  But I decided I'd rather eat with some friends and our families at Laredos.  It was very low key but so much fun!  
Elizabeth sang during the Palm Sunday service at church, then we ate lunch outside at the square.  The Easter bunny was there!  Elizabeth was so excited.  Caroline... not so much!

 On Sunday afternoon we had our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.  Since I'm on the children's social committee, I got there early to help set up and hide eggs.  We had our best turn out yet (over 35 kids), and the weather was perfect.  I am constantly reminded of how blessed we are by our sweet neighbors. 

I hope that these group of kids will forever be friends!  This is part of the Lynchburg (our street) crew.

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