Friday, April 4, 2014

Last Day at Amelia Island

We were very excited that Nana and Papa were able to spend our last day at the beach with us. We decided to take our bikes to the southern part of the island. It was paved with beautiful bike trails.

We stopped at this random little corner restaurant called Gourmet Gourmet and it was yummy!

The total bike trip was about 13 miles which we ended back at our beach chairs at "our beach" as Elizabeth called it. When we got there, there was a a wedding going on right in front of us. My kids crashes their first wedding! Ha!

Since it was our last day, we did A LOT of playing. Especially with Papa. Elizabeth actually got in the cold water then built sand castles and made sand angels with Caroline.

For dinner we went back to The Crab Trap to enjoy some crab and lobster. Then we stopped for ice cream at this very cute ice cream stand near the condo. It was a fabulous end to a fantastic vacation!

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