Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amelia Island day 4

After breakfast this morning we went straight to the beach and stayed until 4:00.  The weather was perfect!

Caroline was yelling at her sister to her up with the water bucket! Ha!

For lunch we ate at Sliders, the restaurant right on the beach with a playground.  It's literally 25 yards from our umbrella.  This was our view as we ate lunch in the shade while the girls played.

At 4:00 we came in to bathe the girls and let them rest.  Elizabeth spent most of her rest time out on the porch.  Caroline knocked out and slept in a big girl bed for the very first time!  And I enjoyed a nice afternoon run:)

After nap time we got ready for dinner and stopped to take some pictures at the beach.  It had cooled off by now and very breezy so Caroline wouldn't even consider getting out of her daddy's arms.

We ate at Moon River Pizza.  It was yummy and the best part of all was that Nana and Papa joined us!  They were coming back from Clearwater and made a pit stop to see us!  The girls were so excited!!

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