Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Time Fun

Elizabeth and James Henry have been taking swim lessons together.  It works really well, and they love playing together afterwards.

During one of their swim lessons, Caroline spent the entire time walking around Sophie, the dog that Katy is keeping right now.  It kept her busy and out of the pool:)

We had an impromptu lunch date with the Southerns after one of our lessons.

The girls still sing "Ring Around the Rosies" around the flag pole at the Y every single time we go.

We love going out to eat down at the square.  Especially the Marietta Pizza Company.  The girls love going to plain on the train after dinner.

Melissa and I are helping each other out with child care during some of our appointments.  It's such a relief not to have to find and pay for a sitter and know my girls are in great hands and having a blast.  Melissa sent me these pictures of Elizabeth completing a puzzle all by herself and then playing with Reese in the playroom.  I love how Reese is looking at E in this picture.

We all love Firehouse Subs.

Elizabeth and I found the best used book store.  It had so much to choose from.  We bought 5 good-as-new hard back books for $20.  We were both excited.

We've been walking after dinner most nights.  One night, we saw a rainbow.  The girls were in awe.  Elizabeth couldn't believe it was real.

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