Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Celebrations

Grandma came to visit us this week.  We were so excited to celebrate her birthday and our country's birthday even if it hasn't stopped raining since she got here! 

The rain slowed down to a drizzle for about an hour on Wednesday, so we let the kids get out on their bikes to play.  They didn't mind the rain one bit!

Usually on the 3rd the main road in our neighborhood is closed for the fireworks that Mt. Paran sets off.  Everyone gathers in the parking lot of our clubhouse to watch them.  We had planned on setting up tables and everyone bringing food to share.  Since the weather was not cooperating with us, we decided to move the party indoors.  So the neighbors on our street brought all of their food and goodies to our house. 

A little after 9:00 we heard big booms coming from outside.  We ran outside to watch them from the driveway.  It was sprinkling and the kids were in the middle of playing dress-up, but that didn't stop us from celebrating our country's freedom with tradition!

The outfit E is wearing is actually one of the neihbor's recital outfit.  Bert freaked out when he saw her in it and said it would be "missing" by morning!

Today, the 4th, was more of the same in terms of weather.  Rain. Rain. Rain.  Instead of spending the day at the pool like we planned, me, Mom, and Elizabeth went to the mall.  It was a different way to spend the 4th but we enjoyed ourselves:)

It actually stopped raining for about 10 minutes this afternoon.  We were about to leave for a party so I rushed the girls outside to take a picture.  About 2 minutes after these were taken, the sky opened up again!

I'm not sure what I did to warrant these silly faces!

Kind of a sad looking family photo... but we tried:)

Tonight we went to our friends, the Bines, house to celebrate the 4th.  We ate yummy food, enjoyed great conversation, and the girls did sparklers for the first time (in the rain).  We didn't let the rain damper our spirits!!

The kids even orchestrated their own parade!

Happy Independence Day!  We are blessed and proud to be Americans!

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