Monday, July 1, 2013

Meghan's Shower

This past weekend I went to Knoxville to celebrate Meghan and have a little girls' weekend.  We all got there on Friday night and went to Aubry's for dinner before having a slumber party at Megs!
We had her shower at the ADPi house.  It was wonderful.  It felt so cozy because it's a house and the food was yummy because we used the house chef.

Me, Christy, and Melissa were the hostesses that were able to make it to the shower.

So many years later, and we still had this many patas there!

After the shower, we checked in to the Hilton downtown where Garrick had gotten us on the concierge/restricted floor.  We had two rooms right next to each other.  We hung out on the roof top pool and just relaxed.  I haven't relaxed by the pool all summer, so it was really nice!

For dinner we went to Tupelo Honey.  All I can say is "YUM!"

While we waited on our table, we walked around Market Square enjoying the shops and music.

We ended up at Latitudes tearing up the dance floor!  Ha!!

It was a great weekend visiting with some very special friends.  Kristy came from Annapolis, Liz came from L.A., Lee Ann came from Spain, and Mackenzie came from Brazil.  I love that our friends make each other a priority and go to great lengths (and miles) to be there for each other! 

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