Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today we met Melissa and some of her playgroup at Sparkles Skating Rink.  Wednesdays is Tot Day.  You bring anything on wheels that's not motorized and they provide the huge skating rink for the kids to play.  Elizabeth and Caroline had a blast!
Standing in the middle of the rink

This little girl was quite full of herself today!

Elizabeth was in her element.  I think it's about time to start teaching her to ride without the training wheels.

This was her first time in any kind of skate.  

After about 2 minutes, she was trying to do tricks and twirls.  That girl is such a thrill seeker!

Caroline, on the other hand, basically froze as soon as they went on her feet!

Elizabeth, Caroline, and Reese

BFFs having a little chat:)
 Afterwards we went to Sonic.  Sonic is not close to us, so when we're anywhere near it, I must have it!

Look at Caroline's jealous little face.  I'm just not sure if she was jealous of her sister or of Reese.  
Then C basically ignored them.

What a fun play date!  

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