Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

We've had a very full weekend of water, sun, food, friends, and family! Today was no different.  This morning we had a big breakfast then headed to the pool for a lazy afternoon. E and C have been spoiled rotten with all the attention they've been given. And I was spoiled by having my own dad here on Father's Day. It made me so happy watching my kids play with him the way I use to when I was a kid.

putting on sunscreen to get ready for the pool

My two favorite dads!

goofy sisters!

How lucky are E and C to have the coolest and most fun aunts ever!
I'm sure Elizabeth AND Papa will sleep well tonight.  Between all the swimming, chasing, and playing, they are both exhausted!

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  1. Why shouldn't they be the coolest aunts...they had the coolest example in their big sister...!