Friday, June 21, 2013

Day on the Lake

Last Saturday we rented a party yacht and a ski boat and spent the day out on the lake with family and friends.  These pictures are in no particular order.  I'm just glad to have some from this relaxing and fun day!
Alana and Elizabeth's cute booties.  They were so excited!
Caroline helped her daddy drive the yacht and Eli helped my dad drive the ski boat.
Reese was our sun bathing beauty.
Watermelon babies
James Henry liked being the spotter.
Elizabeth felt like a pro after tubing with her daddy.  So she wasn't scared at all to go with Hannah and Rebeka.
Melissa, Kelly, Me, Katy
Trent, Bert, Chris, and Clint
The kids even had fun deflating the rafts.
Eli and Elizabeth... our little dare devils!
Care Bear getting some kisses from her Aunt Rebeka

Elizabeth was either going non stop or eating the entire day.

Bert pretty much stayed in the lake catching all the kids coming down the slide.

My dad spent the day pulling everybody behind the ski boat.  I felt bad, but he was in his element!

Seriously, this girl is fearless!

Bert's brothers couldn't make it, but his dad did:)

My little family on in the lake.

The Brumbaughs

The Hills
I don't have a picture of the Southerns or my parents and sisters.  I brought my camera, but never got it out.  I was at the mercy of everyone else.  Thanks Mel for taking these!

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