Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Break Wrap Up

It was fun going back through my phone looking at pictures of some of the things we did over break!  As always, it went too quickly. 

We made reindeer sandwiches and ate them in our "fancy" clothes.  BTW, Elizabeth is really getting into Fancy Nancy lately.

We had a LOT of treats.

Which means we did some baking.

We went to a wild and fun birthday party.

We played outside, watched movies, and spent a lot of time in dress-up clothes.

We learned a new way to get rid of hiccups, ran errands, and made a trip to the salon.

We did a whole bunch of crafts to get ready for Elizabeth's birthday party.  I had awesome helpers!

They were very willing to try out what we made.

We organized the playroom closet and the upstairs linen closet.

We went to a movie with our friends.

We completed some more projects for Elizabeth's party.

We visited the library with our friends.

We let daddy fix our hair and learned that there are some things that mommies are definitely  better at!

I'm sad for our break to be over, but I'm ready to be back in a regular routine.  Bring on 2013!

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