Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where did the weekend go?

Time flies when you're having fun, and we sure did have fun this weekend!  We took Bert out as a family on Friday night.  On Saturday, we got a babysitter so Bert and I could celebrate his birthday without the kiddos.  We went to see Lincoln, then went to a really fun restaurant in Buckhead called Twist. They are known for their tapas and sushi.  We loved it all... the atmosphere, the wine, and even the sushi!

The weather was crazy warm this weekend, so we spent a lot of time playing outside.

I know it's mean that I took this picture of Caroline crying, chasing the big girls behind the jeep.  But she had just spent 15 minutes riding in it.  Sharing is a tough lesson to learn:)

On speghetti night, this is how the girls eat... no clothes.  In fact, when I say, "speghetti's ready" they instantly start stripping down before getting in their seats. 
After I put Caroline to bed tonight, Elizabeth asked if she could watch a show.  I let her so I could go take a shower.  When I got out, I found her fast asleep on the chair.  It was only 7:30.  Poor girl had quite a busy, fun day!

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