Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's the Little Things...

At Target tonight, Elizabeth saw a rain jacket that she instantly loved.  It really is cute.  The one she has is adorable (Meyers gave it to her for her 2nd birthday).  But Caroline doesn't have one and E is growing out of it.  So I decided to get E a new one and pass the other one down.  It was a win-win! 

And I got my rental car last night.  I never thought I'd be so excited about a van!  I thought I'd take advantage of this time in a rental to test drive the car I've been trying to talk Bert into.  It's a Chrysler Town and Country instead of the Honda that I have had my eye on.  So far, I'm in love!  Everything opens with a push of a button.  And this one has all the bells and whistles.  It even has two movie players which make the girls super excited. 

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  1. Hi Kelly...I hope you are well... Just going through my emails and wanted to answer your question in regards to the tablecloth for the Princess party, however you are a 'non reply blogger', which means I can't reply to your email directly. would you mind sending me your email so I can send you a little how to? Thanks Kelly and talk to you soon....cute blog btw...xo ps. you might want to change your settings on your dashboard so you are not a 'non reply' unless that's what you intended to do...:)