Wednesday, January 23, 2013

21 months old

My sweet Caroline, you are 21 months old today.  I can't believe you will be two in a few months. 
Thankfully, we haven't had to go to the doctor for any sick visits lately so I'm not sure how much you weigh or how tall you are.  But I know for a fact that you are getting big.  You eat more than any of us each night.  I haven't really found anything that you won't eat. 

I do know that you are full of life and personality.  Your favorite word these days is "no".  You are sure about what you want and what you do not want.

Your favorite requests are "a show", "eat", and "juice".

You have all of us wrapped around your finger, including your sister.  You call her "sisser" and she calls you "Caroliny."

You are becoming quite independent.  You like to get in and out of the car by yourself.  Walk up the stairs by yourself.  It seems like you always want to walk by yourself when I want (or need) to hold you, and you want me to hold you whenever it's really not that convenient.  I have to say, it doesn't really bother me though.  I will sometimes cook dinner, unload and load the dishwasher, and even vaccuum while holding you.  I guess I learned from your sister that this time is short lived so I'm soaking you up.

You love to "read" your books, espcially when Elizabeth reads them to you.  Sometimes you get too tired and point to your crib.  Sometimes you won't let go of your book and choose to cuddle with it.  You always go to sleep on your stomach, but end up flat on your back with your legs bent over your bumper.  You look like an astronaut ready for take-off.  It makes us laugh every night watching you on the monitor. 
Your sister talks about turning 4 so much, that when we ask you how old you are, you hold up four fingers. 

You have started playing really well with Elizabeth.  You can really hold your own now.  You two race around the kitchen island and dance like crazy in the living room.

You love to play dress up with your sister, and sometimes put your tutu on over your pajamas refusing to take it off even to go to bed. 

When your sister insists that you play pretend with her, you play whatever role she asks of you.  At least until you're over it, then you just ignore her and do your own thing.  It's so adorable to watch.

You do get quite upset when you don't get your way.  That's probably our fault since we spoil you like crazy.  It's so hard not to since your our precious baby!

I don't love seeing your sweet face so sad, but I love that you always reach your arms out for me and squeeze your fists together as if asking me to "come here."  I love it!  And I love you sweet angel!!

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