Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Break Pre-Trip Trip

Fall Break was full of surprises for the girls.  They knew we were leaving on Saturday morning for Cape Canaveral.  The purpose of the trip (as far as they knew) was to visit the Kennedy Space Center.  They were excited to see their friends, Lola, Vivian, Gabriella, and Brayden, all loading up their cars to go to the same place!  What a coincidence:))
We stayed at the Raddison Resort at the Port.  I was so impressed with the size of our suite.  We could've stayed there all week!
The Kennedy Space Center

After a full day at the Kennedy Space Center, we found a yummy seafood restaurant right by the ocean.

Then we went back to the hotel for a swim.  We decided to tell the kids that night that instead of going home in the morning, we would all be getting on  Disney cruise ship!  Gabriella's reaction is my favorite. It actually made me cry.  The three littles made me laugh because they didn't get it at all.

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