Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Disney Cruise Day 1

We woke up Monday morning, ate breakfast, packed up, and met in the lobby to take our shuttle to the ship.  Fun!! Ha!  

Beside getting the bands for the kids club, the boarding process was extremely smooth.  

Minnie Mouse greeted us as we boarded!
Once we were on the ship, Cinderella was there which made Caroline's day.  
Caroline was wearing her Cinderella ring and had to show it to Cinderella herself!

We took a tour of the Kids Club.  There is no possible way to explain how amazing it was.  There were so many amazing rooms with so many fun counselors in each one.  The hardest part was getting the kids to leave!  Elizabeth's favorite room was the Craft Room. 

Caroline's favorite room was Andy's room!

This picture cracks me up.  Within 30 minutes of being on the boat, while all the other kids were swimming, Caroline already found the buffet!  

Our excited kiddos!
My little family on our first night.

I love how we got to eat at a different themed restaurant every night, but our waiters stayed with us each night.  We loved Ivan!
The girls loved their bunk beds.  I loved that our rooms were cleaned twice a day!  Once when they pulled out and made all the beds, and another time in the morning after we left the room to put everything back in place.  Disney service is amazing!
Bert's favorite thing to do was to sit out on our verandah and watch the ocean go by.  The girls loved doing this too.  Even at night it's breath taking.

Day 1 

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