Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pre-K Graduation

Even though there's still 3 weeks of school left, Caroline had her Pre-K program last week. 

They sang and read, and each kid was given an award.  Caroline won Most Friendly.  That girl loves everybody! 
This is Caroline with her teachers, Ms. Michele and Ms. Liz.  The inset picture is of her meet and greet with them in the fall.

Ian is her best buddy and it was such a blessing for them to share this experience together.  This is them at the beginning and end of this year.  Look how much Ian has grown!  He's 6 months older and almost as tall now:)
Afterwards, Nichole and I took our favorite 5-year-olds to lunch.  Just the 4 of us.  They were on cloud 9!

After lunch on the square, we took them to Lizards and Lollipops for a treat.

It was a great day celebrating these kiddos who we love so much!

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