Thursday, April 28, 2016

Caroline's 5th Birthday

On Saturday, April 23rd Caroline turned 5 years old!  How can that be?

Bert snapped this picture of my baby and me before we left for the party.  A similar one from two years ago was in my timehop app... I wonder how long I'll be able to hold this precious girl of mine.
Caroline's party was at Champion Kids.  She asked me to do it there about 6 months ago (it's where Elizabeth takes tumbling).  Since they can privately accommodate up to 30 kids, it was the perfect place!  Plus, they have people who run the whole thing.  They order the pizza.  They play with the kids.  They serve the cake.  EVERYTHING! Easiest birthday ever!!

I love that Caroline was able to invite all of our neighbor friends and all of her favorite school friends, but most of all I love that Reese was at the top of her list!  This girl's mama is one of my very best friends so it makes my heart happy to see them celebrating birthdays and making memories together.

We spent 45 minutes in each room before going to the party room for pizza and cake.  The birthday girl was having so much fun and  so sweaty. 

She got so nervous when everyone was singing.  Her big sister came to her rescue and made her feel comfortable and happy by holding her hand.

Birthday parties are hard work!
That afternoon, Nannie came and we went to dinner to celebrate some more.  Of course she chose Laredos and we had them sing to her!
Happy Birthday sweet Caroline!  You light up our world!!

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