Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day and Winding Down the School Year

 I always want to remember this page in our yearbook.  My room was voted one of students' favorite places in the school.  
I love this page too...Alissa and I, my work BFF
Me and my girls on Mother's Day.  

Caroline singing on Mother's Day.  I love to watch my girls sing praises to Jesus!

The first graders at church sang one of my favorite worship songs.

After church we went to a friend's house.  We've been doing this on Mother's Day for a few years now.  I love this tradition!

I snapped a few pics of Caroline in dance class practicing for her recital.  This girl has sass!
Our pool opened last weekend so spent Saturday afternoon soaking up the sun and eating a picnic dinner.
This girl is a real mermaid! 
Sunday after church the girls and I ran errands.  It was a fun, slow moving afternoon and  it was perfect!
Bert was able to attend Elizabeth's field day.  He sent me these pictures so I put them in a collage so I could feel like I was there too:)

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