Saturday, May 7, 2016

Life Lately

The last day before my students took their AP exam, Caroline woke up not feeling well.  She wasn't feverish or sick enough to go to the doctor, but she didn't feel like going to school.  Bert just happen to be out of town. I will say that this is the very hardest party of being a working mom...
When one of your children is clearly sick, it's a no brainer- you take a  sick day.  But when they are just feeling crappy and need to stay home and you have to weigh the pros and cons.  It's the toughest decision and guiltiest feeling for me.
On this day, I knew my students would freak out if I wasn't there to answer their last minute questions regarding the national AP exam we had been preparing for.  I also knew that my baby needed me, and my babies always come first.  So...
I took her to school with me!

I brought food and blankets.  She spent a lot of the day watching Netflix, laying on my bean bag in my room, and playing with my students.  It was clear by lunch that she was absolutely fine.  At the end of the day she declared it her favorite day ever. 
High school wore her out! 

These pictures were taken at our Spring Fling Special Ed dance.  Naomi and Elizabeth have been attending this with us for the last few years.  They have a blast!

Their selfie:)

Even though my girls have their own rooms, they prefer sleeping together... pure sweetness!
It was so cold during Elizabeth's last soccer practice (in May!) that Laura and I kept our "babies" in the car.  They sat in the back and watched a movie (sort of) and we sat in the front and chatted.  We may never sit on the field during practice again!
On Cinco de Mayo I was doing some grocery shopping when Rob and Michele called from Laredos.  It's in the same shopping center so I stopped by to join them for a margarita:)

On Friday, Elizabeth had her Author's Tea.  I love seeing everything she's written this year and how much she's grown and learned.  Thank you Ms. Moffett!

Naomi is Elizabeth's BFF at school and has been since she first started kindergarten.  Sweet girls!
Elizabeth had a soccer tournament this weekend.  She played 4 games back to back and was chosen  as captain of her team.  It was such a kick to watch her go out at the beginning of each game and shake hands with the other captain and flip the coin:) 

Their whole team played so hard.  Elizabeth played so well.  They made it to the championship game.  They lost 1-0 but it was so much fun to watch them leave all on the field.  They were all so worn out, but all had smiles on their faces when they were awarded Runners Up.

Caroline says that cheering for her sister is pretty exhausting too!

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