Saturday, May 30, 2015

Swim Team and Gymnastics

Elizabeth started summer swim team this year.  She has proven to be a fast learner and she loves it so far!
On her 3rd day of practice, Elizabeth swam the entire 25 meters  using her freestyle stroke.  No doggy paddling.  No holding onto the rope.  Nada!  This girl's determination amazes me!
Both girls started gymnastics last week.  They both love it, but this is the first thing that Caroline has been truly excited about.  She wore her leotard all afternoon and didn't want to leave when class was over.  
Elizabeth had her first swim meet on Thursday.  She was so excited and a little nervous about it.  She had missed practice all week because of cheer camp, had just learned her back stroke, and had not yet practiced diving off the block.  The Eason girls were driving through from North Carolina so they came to cheer her on in the rain.  She did so well.  We were very proud!  She won 1st place in the 25 free style and 3rd place in the 25 back stroke.  

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