Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday was the first day of summer for the girls.  I still have post planning but Friday was pretty light, so I came home early to hangout with these crazies.
They had their last regular scheduled dance practice on Friday afternoon.
This sleepy head is in for a rude awakening when she goes to school full time in the fall.  
We had a summer kick-off cookout on Friday afternoon.  More than 8 families gathered in our driveway to celebrate the beginning of summer!
Nichole and I are two teachers who are ready for summer!

On Sunday after church we ate lunch at the House of Lu on the square.  Eating Chinese food didn't feel very American of us, but we were excited to find a new favorite Chinese spot.

On Monday morning we ran the Memorial Day 10K to raise money for veterans.  It was my one year anniversary of my very first 5K.  It's been a fun journey.
I love these pictures taken from the race.  First of all, yes... that old man was about to pass me because I am a SLOW runner.  My face cracks me up.  I was determined to not get beat by him.  Bert was also determined.  He ran an incredible race and was way ahead of me the entire time.  In the last quarter mile he slowed down so I could catch up and we crossed the finish line together.  This was the first race we finished together.  We were talking and laughing the whole way in.  I loved it!
Gretchen and I organized our neighborhood luau on Monday afternoon.  Despite the scattered rain and holiday weekend, we had a fantastic turnout.  And a lot of fun!
sweet friends
When I saw this picture I realized that Elizabeth is not towering over her friends so much anymore.  She must be slowing down.  Riley and Bentley are both 5 (more than 6 months younger than Elizabeth). and they are all about the same height.  It's a random observation, but that's what I noticed.  Either way, she definitely takes after her daddy... tall and skinny.

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