Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Day of School

I barely blinked and my oldest baby is done with kindergarten.  Yesterday was her last day and all afternoon she kept reminding me that she is "officially a 1st grader now." How can that be?! 

Elizabeth has grown up so much this year.  Sadly, she doesn't like wearing bows or smocked dresses anymore.  And she's very particular as to how she wants her hair styled, and sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a teenager.  But she's also learned so much and somehow became even more independent.  Art is her favorite subject, but she also loved and talked about math station every day.  According to Ms. Arasi, she is almost reading at a 2nd grade level (which she must get from her daddy).  They asked to have her tested for the gifted program, and she scored in the 99th percentile.  I  knew she was smart, but not "gifted" smart.  I'm super proud of her, especially her work ethic.  That's what I pray she never loses.
What a blessing this year has been!  Bye-bye kindergarten!!

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