Friday, May 15, 2015

My Kindergartner

Elizabeth had her kindergarten program today.  All kindergarten classes performed songs for the parents in the cafeteria.  

Then we went back to their individual classrooms for Author's Tea, breakfast, and a video montage that the teachers put together.  I did not cry on the first day of kindergarten, but I definitely did today!

For Author's Tea, the kids created their own books.  They wrote them, illustrated them, and bound them.  Then they read them to us and we signed the back.  My favorite part of Elizabeth's book is her dedication.  She wrote, "I dedicate this book to my sister, Caroline, because I love her so much!"

I love the way she's looking at her daddy.
The best family pic we could get.
Today I was overwhelmed with how blessed my little girl is.  She goes to an excellent school with incredible teachers who love her so much.  Her first year was definitely a success! 

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