Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Bert had to work the morning of Christmas Eve, so the girls and I prepared our breakfast casseroles for Christmas morning and prepped everything for Christmas dinner too!  He got home right at 2:00 and we went to our friends, the Busbys, for an open house.  It was so great starting off our Christmas Eve surrounded by sweet friends!

Then, we headed to church for the family service at 4:00.  Elizabeth was a shepherd in the Christmas story.

Brayden and Elizabeth

Caroline loved on her daddy during the service.

We always eat Japanese food on Christmas Eve.  Usually we have family in town, but this year no one made it for Christmas Eve.  We were so thrilled to have our friends join us!

Gabriella, Elizabeth, Jackson, Brayden, Jordan

It was so cold that Caroline wouldn't leave her daddy's arms so she's in the adult picture:)
After dinner, we went to our neighbors, the Welishars, for another open house.  I just loved starting and ending our night celebrating with friends.
Elizabeth slept with us on Christmas Eve.  I just couldn't risk missing her face when she saw what Santa had brought her!  Caroline's still in a crib so we knew we would wake up to her singing through the monitor.
A playhouse for the girls' playroom
A scooter for Elizabeth and a tricycle for Caroline

sweet girls waiting patiently for me to get my video ready

Our self timed family picture on Christmas morning

It was so cold outside, but you can't get kids outside toys then tell them they can't go outside to play with them!  So we bundled up and went outside!!

Papa and Nana arrived around 4:00 and we had dinner around 7:00. The girls had round 2 of Christmas afterwards.  Caroline was in hog heaven with her new dress up clothes, books, and songs.  Elizabeth thought Santa had come again because she got a new art table.  Dad and Bert set it up in our craft room/ office  in the basement. Today, Elizabeth and I spent all afternoon down there!  Hello happy place!!!

It's been a very merry Christmas so far!  Can't wait to see the rest of our family!!

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