Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stop Hunger Now

Tonight our church came together to pack meals to send to Africa to feed hungry families for a program called Stop Hunger Now. It was encouraged to involve our kids too. Elizabeth loved having a special job to do and she especially loved wearing her "hat".

On a different note, my sweet baby took a hard fall on the driveway today and her precious face was all torn up. I learned that faces bleed A LOT when you fall flat on them and that mamas cry more than their babies in these cases!

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  1. OOHHHHHHHH!!!!! Bless her heart! She looks like a trooper though!

    What an awesome time you and E spent together teaching he r about giving! I wish I had been as purposeful about that with you and Melanie as I was with h & r! You are such an awesome mommy!

  2. Poor baby! I bet you were freaked out!

    Looks like you and E had fun!!