Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Change of Plans

On the way to church tonight traffic was awful. Apparently the train was not moving and blocking the road. Jess and I decided to play hookie from bible study, and take the kids to the square to enjoy the beautiful weather. Change of plans #1.

After playing for an hour, we started walking to Tsunami for dinner. Right outside of the restaurant Kathryn ran face first into a solid iron table. The gash on her forward was about a half inch long and very deep. The blood made me feel panicked.
Thankfully, Jessica is cool and calm under pressure. So I just held Tate and Caroline on each hip with Elizabeth holding my pants pocket while she tended to Kathryn as we walked to the car. Change of plans #2: Heading to Scottish Rite. Precious Kathryn was more upset about not eating. She kept saying "I don't need a bandaid. I want to eat." Moral of the story: Don't skip bible study!

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