Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home Alone

Thanks to Nana and Papa, Bert and I spent our anniversary weekend home alone for the first time since having kids.  We've been away from them before for different reasons, but never have they gone away while we stayed home.  I think it was great for everyone!  It may take Nana and Papa a year to recuperate, but I hope they realize how much we appriciate our anniversary staycation!

I loved receiving the picture updates throughout the weekend.  Thanks Di!

Bert drove them to Winchester on Friday to make the switch.  Doesn't she look heartbroken to be leaving her parents?! Ha!

They went to cheer on Rebeka at her meet. 

Elizabeth hardly ever naps anymore.  I guess the meet wore her out.

After bath time they skyped with Hannah who's in New Zealand.  Elizabeth was pretty amazed.

These girls aren't spoiled at all!  Yeah right!

Pumpkin Patch

I know E was saying "higher" but this picture made my heart skip a beat:)

C saying "moo" to the cow.

We are so blessed to have parents who are willing to do so much for us, and who love our girls as much as we do.  It's been a great weekend, but I miss my babies! I can't wait to love on them tomorrow!   


  1. :)

    We had so much fun! What a blessing!

    p.s. I knew you'd have a mini heartattack on the tire swing photo (sorry for being the cause of it)!! I told Rebeka I might have to think twice about posting it!

    p.p.s i have a couple more to post...shall go do that now!!

    I am so glad you had an awesome weekend!!! <3

  2. I love thesee! i wish i could've been there! but i am so happy i got to see them for a few minutes on skype! Everybody looks so beautiful in all these pictures!