Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall has arrived!

We have already started using our fire place to stay warm, and it makes our living room so cozy at night.  Elizabeth will ask her daddy to start the fire, and then we play, play, play.  I just want to slow down time so I can remember every moment with my little girls.  Caroline is my little snuggler who would cuddle up in my arms all night, except that she loves playing with her big sister too.  Elizabeth is our entertainer who loves putting on a show and keeps us all laughing right until bedtime.  At least until she plays too rough with her sister, and they both end up in tears (but that's just real life, right?!)


  1. They look soooooo precious! Love these outfits! You have to bring them when you come for thanksgiving so we can get a picture of ALL four girls matching!!!