Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Phone Dump

Here are a few random pictures from my phone this week. The first two are actually ones that Bert sent me.  I love it when he sends me pictures of what him and the girls are doing when I'm not there. 

That's Elizabeth sittingin the baby bouncer, watching a movie, and drawing on the white board with a permanent marker! 
Bert took the girls to CFA for lunch one day.  When he sent me this picture, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the sight of my sweet girl.  He tries so hard to fix their hair.  Her expression says it all!

Vols in training

We basically wear orange every Saturday in the fall which makes us stick out like sore thumbs around here.

We are studying brain structure and function in AP Psych.  My students made brains out of oranges and candy.  Each piece actually represents a part of the brain.  And yes, some of them ate their brains when they were done!

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  1. These pics are hilarious! Drew has given up on trying to dress Amelia. We wear orange every Saturday here, too. The sad thing is, people ask us what the orange is for. Mississippi is definitely like no other place!