Sunday, September 23, 2012

17 Months Old

Caroline, you are 17 months old today.  Here's what you're up to these days:

You weigh 24 pounds and wear size 6 shoe.
You wear 24 month clothes and size 4 diaper still.

You are the most welcoming neighbor on the block.  Whenever we are outside playing, you stop whatever you're doing to wave at cars or people going bye.  You make everybody smile.

You love to kiss your hand and blow us kisses.  
You love to clap for yourself whenever you do anything you deem worthy of applause which is mostly everything.

Your vocabulary is really starting to pick up.  It's hard to understand your words, but when you repeat it enough times we finally understand you.  The sweetest words we heard you say this past week were, "tank-oo" for thank you.  

You love to climb on anything and everything.  Your favorite thing to do is stand on the fire place and climb over the arm of the chair.  No matter how many times you get in trouble for it, you always go back for more.  

You have so much fun at bath time.  You and your sister just play and play.  She loves to blow the bubbles in your face and listen to you giggle.  She tries to teach you how to swim, but you just laugh at her while she's doing it.  When it's time to get out, you turn away from me as if to make it clear that you are not ready to get out.  

Your hair is growing like crazy, and I just adore your curls.  But I think I will finally break down and get your hair cut this month.  Not too much.  Just enough to even it out.  

You're still a heavy drooler.  You almost have all of your teeth, so hopefully you can stop drooling soon. 

You still eat so much all of the time.  You have a preference for meat.  Even your Nanny noticed when she was here that you are our meat eater, and your sister is our vegetable eater.  

Before bedtime, I sit in your chair while you and your sister climb in my lap to read a book.  You don't like me to read your book.  You only want Elizabeth to read it.  She picks out one of the many books she has memorized and "reads" it to you.  

When we play in the playroom, you will pretend to read a book like your sister.  After a few minutes, you always take the book and hand it to Elizabeth, then plop down next to her.  She knows exactly what your want, and starts reading it to you immediately.  Y'all do this almost every time and I love watching it.

I realized today, that the last time Caroline wore this dress was at her first birthday.  The only picture I have of her in it, is after the cake smashing and rinse off.  She has grown so much in the last 5 months!

Both of my babies at 17 months.  

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