Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Break

We stayed home for spring break this year and it was wonderful!  

Each day we did a little something productive, a little something fun, and a lot of relaxing!  

All activities were cancelled for the week, but Caroline had to go try on her costume for her dance recital.  Little miss is pretty full of herself... especially regarding dance! 

Elizabeth was forcing a smile here since I was slowing her down from getting to the play area.  Lately, every time we've eaten at CFA the balloon lady has been there.  Makes my girls' day!

Caroline all of a sudden started riding the balance bike a lot.  I wouldn't be surprised if she's riding her bike without training wheels by the end of the summer.

This picture was actually taken the Wednesday before break.  The soccer team uses my room for their weekly yoga days... doesn't every classroom look like this after school:)
Bert had drill on the first weekend of spring break.  The location is close so he gets to come home.  The girls and I had been lazy all morning, but Caroline wanted to make her daddy his lunch all by herself.  I laid it all out for her and she did it! 
Each day we hung out and played with our friends!

We discovered snap chat!

lunch date with friends

We took a walk around our neighborhood after dinner.  It was so nice not to rush to get the girls in bed, but to enjoy some extra time together.

One of our favorite days of the week was the day we spent with the Hill girls.  We spent the morning at Champion Kids open play and then on the square eating lunch at Marietta Pizza Company.  

On the last day of spring break, Bert and I took the girls to play Monster Mini Golf.  We had a lot of fun!

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