Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Birthday Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated my 37th birthday, and I must say, it was the most amazing celebration I've had in a long time.  The entire weekend was absolutely perfect!

This was all Julie's idea.  She planned everything and every detail was perfect!  The whole thing was a surprise to me.  I was just told to show up to her house ready to go at 7:00... so I did!

We had cocktails and appetizers.  Then at 7:30, she said "Time to go!"  We walked outside and there was a party bus waiting to take us to our destination.  So much fun!

The only thing she told me about her plans was that
1) I had never done it before, and
2) It was right up my alley.

She was 100% correct!  We went to The Ultimate Escape Game in Atlanta.  The guys and girls were separated and then put inside a room.  Each room had it's own theme with clues we had to figure out in order to escape.  Julie knew I would love the challenging competition.  We had one hour to get out, and we barely made it!  But we did beat the guys which is all that really matters:)  (Later I found out that they were in a much harder room).

We loaded the bus again and headed back to Marietta.  Our second/ final stop was at a Karaok e bar.  I had not done that in years.  We had a blast, especially when the guys sang for us!
I felt so overwhelmed and loved the entire night.  Everyone had the best time ever, especially me!

We spent all day Saturday outside with the most beautiful spring weather.  We had a picnic lunch with our friends complete with birthday cake!
The girls' favorite part was playing "superman" and flying on my feet.  

Actually, I think I'm still smiling from last weekend:)

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