Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 2 of Summer Break

Our 2nd week of summer started with a quick visit from Nanna and Pappa.  A lot happened in the 24 hours they were here!
We took the jeep to the pool
Elizabeth showed off her back stroke, and Caroline started swimming 100% without her swimmies!!!  That's her on the top.  She can already swim all the way across the pool and on her back!

Dianna and I ran some errands in the jeep.  We felt like teenagers!

Elizabeth pulled out her second tooth.  Yes... with a string. 
We spent some time down on our square after church on Sunday.
We had a mama duck who laid her eggs under a tree at our pool.  On Monday, they hatched!  They swam around our pool for a while and then we had to rescue them because they were too tired. to get out themselves.  By the end of the week, they had moved on.  I hope they are doing well!
Swim team has become one of my favorite summer activities.  I love waking up to watching my little fish swim.
Elizabeth with the little boys in her age group.
Underwater tea party!

On Wednesday we celebrated our friend Barry's birthday at Top Golf.  We had sooooo much fun there.   It was my very first time swinging a golf club and it was fun!
Summer time heat set in this week so we took a family trip to Menchie's for frozen yogurt.
Caroline has just as much fun at the swim meets as her sister.
On Friday we celebrated my sweet friend Alissa.  She's getting married next month.  About 12 of our teacher friends had lunch at Seed and then mani/pedis.  I could do that every week!
At lunch I sat next to my friend Katherine who is leaving us (Pope High School) to teach closer to her house.  I will miss her!
I'm trying to savor every day of summer.  

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