Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 1 of Summer Break

We've started out our first week of summer with swim practice every morning, gym, errands, lunch, rest, and a fun afternoon activity like playing in the sprinkler, going to gymnastics/tumbling, playing with friends at the pool, or visiting White Water.  Summer is off to a great start!

Last year, Caroline would not go down the baby slide by herself.  This year she did!!
Elizabeth prefers the "big kid" slides.
C plays on the steps and dances while her sister practices with her swim team.
Elizabeth showed tremendous progress this week with her swimming.  She learned the correct breathing technique with her free style and shed 7 seconds off of last week's time.

Staying busy in between heats.
Elizabeth's back stroke has improved the most.  She took 1st place this week and shed her time by over 20 seconds!

Little sister wanted to participate in the body drawings.
Caroline is her sister's biggest cheerleader!
Friday Fun Day!

On Saturday, Nanna and Pappa came in on Saturday.  Di and I decided to run some errands in the jeep.

Then we took it to the pool.
The girls loved playing with their Pappa in the pool.
Within 10 minutes, he had Caroline swimming across the pool without her swimmies.   She was swimming on her front, back, and even treading water.  Both of my babies are swimmers now!
Elizabeth showed off her pretty back stroke for him.

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