Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweet Summertime

 We've been very busy this summer, but swim team has probably been our very favorite thing.  We all love it!  Elizabeth gets better each week, both girls love socializing at the meets, and I love it too!  

There's a different theme each week.  This was pirate night.  Rebecca (junior coach and neighbor) is our favorite!!
Caroline is her sister's biggest cheerleader.  She really stays focused when her sister is swimming.

We've also visited White Water three times already.  It's always more fun with friends!

We've had friends over to play.

We eat... A LOT!

We've enjoyed some snuggle time.
We go to the pool every day.

We ran the Braves Father's Day race.
Finished at Turner Field.

We've done some bowling.
And face painting.

We've gone to a Braves game.  Probably the most exciting game I've been too.  And then we saw Boyz II Men in concert afterwards.  Fun night!

We spent Father's day with Bert's dad.
Elizabeth has taken over the role of bed time reader.

We swing and play at the playground to dry off from the pool.

Basically, we go, go, go all day.  Our summertime has been very full and busy.  At some point each day, they crash!

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