Monday, June 29, 2015

Soccer and Swim

Elizabeth has chosen the 2 sports I know virtually nothing about... soccer and swim.  She is so good at both that I love watching her and don't even care that I don't know what's going on half the time!  I also love that she can go to camps at my school.  I hope this is one day in her senior montage!
On this rare day of not playing soccer or swimming, we ate lunch outside after church because the weather was so nice.
Elizabeth earned the "Marathon Award" because her coaches says she never gets tired and always keeps going.  That's pretty much her life motto!

Caroline likes to pretend she likes ice cream, but she doesn't.  She only takes one bite or one lick and then gives it up.

Elizabeth with Coach Josh- We could not have asked for a better swim coach.  He is so patient, sweet, and encouraging  to the kids.  E learned so much. She earned a 1st place ribbon at every meet, but more importantly her times improved each week.  At her last meet she earned 1st place in both free style (25 seconds) and back stroke (27 seconds).  We were so very proud!

Rebecca is Josh's sister and also a junior coach.  She has become my girls very favorite "big" person.
Go Barracudas!
Cheering for her sister is exhausting!

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