Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break

The week before spring break we had our faculty basketball game versus Lassiter to raise money for Relay for Life.  It was so much fun and we had an awesome turnout.  The kids and faculty really got into it.  It felt like a real game... except with old people playing and cheering! 
My students took lots of pictures during the game, but this is the only one I took on my phone.  The "cheerleaders" wore their spirit wear to school on Thursday to promote the game. 
One of my students gave me "competition" hair. Ha!

After school let out on Friday, we spent the entire afternoon outside with our friends.  Elizabeth challenged her daddy to a jump rope contest.  They were both so intense!

We ended up grilling out with our neighbors.  Caroline cracked me up because she refused to take off her helmet while she ate and she set herself up to "relax."

We took these kiddos to see Cinderella.  They loved it!  Especially the Frozen Fever part in the beginning.

Caroline really loves her movies, especially Cinderella!
On Tuesday, we met Melissa, Reese, Katy, James Henry, and Eli at the park to play and eat dinner.  It warms my heart to see these kids pick up where they left off.  We miss the Southern boys but glad they came "home" to visit.
On Wednesday morning, the girls and I loaded up the car and headed to Raleigh, NC to visit the Easons.  I'm so grateful that my girls are great travelers.  
Beth and I put all the carseats in her car so we could get from place to place together.  It made it so much more fun for us and the girls.
After picking up Meyers from school on Thursday we explored their adorable downtown area.  It had cute little boutiques and a candy store...what more could we want?!  
Elizabeth and Emery are two peas in a pod.  They are both so passionate and full of life.  
Beth has a great park right in the front of their neighborhood.  From the moment we got there, my girls asked every hour when we were going to the park.  They got their wish!
There is an amazing trail right across the street from their neighborhood.  Beth and I got a good workout pushing the girls on the 4 mile trek, and they loved stopping to see the waterfalls. We all missed Meyers being with us because she was at school.|

After picking up Meyers from school, we took the girls to Pullen Park.  It was AMAZING.  The day was beautiful and there was so much for the girls to do... paddle boats, carousel, train ride, playground, and food!

One of my favorite students (and the girls' swim teacher) goes to school at NC State.  Katie is so precious and I was so excited that she came to eat lunch and play with us.

When I looked back at my pictures from our train ride, I laughed at how much they show our girls' pesonalities.
Elizabeth wanted to ride in the front by herself.  So independent.
Meyers and Emery had their arms wrapped around each other.  So loving and sweet.
And Caroline wanted to sit right next to me.  My mama's girl.
On Friday night we went to Cowfish for  burgers and sushi.  It was delicious and the perfect evening.
After a long day and an hour wait, I was surprised at how well these girls held up.  I also realized this might be one of the few times that the girls are the same ages.  Elizabeth and Meyers are both 6 while Caroline and Emery are both 3.   Moments like these really make me want to freeze time and soak it all up!
As always, spring break went by too quickly but we sure did make the most of it!

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