Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days

Before the snow (or threat of snow) came our way, we had a fun brunch at our house with Reese and Melissa.  It was great girl time!  The little ones got to play and the mamas got to chat.  Perfect start to our Saturday!
Reese gave Elizabeth and sand box that Elizabeth loved playing with at her house.  She has played with it every day since.  I found this video on my phone.  She had recorded herself without me knowing.  That sweet girl....

Alissa and I were asked to wear Kendra Scott jewelry for our Greyhound Nation Celebration (our foundation's fundraiser for school) in order to auction off.  Here we are wearing a couple of pieces.  We took a picture to post to their facebook page.  This will be a fun event!
Elizabeth had her 6-year check up with our new pediatrician, Dr. Cooper.  We love her and her practice!  It was time to make the switch and I'm so happy to be in a smaller practice where our doctor actually knows my children (her husband is Elizabeth's soccer coach). Elizabeth is very healthy.  She weights 45 lbs (50th percentile) and  46.5 inches tall (75% percentile).  
Last week they cancelled school on Saturday for the threat of snow on Monday.  Then we were out on Tuesday too.  We never got any snow!  Then this week there was actually ice and snow on the ground, and they waited until the very last minute (7:00 am) to delay school.  An hour later they cancelled it.  The whole thing was quite comical.  There were many upset teachers and parents, but I was just happy to spend some extra time with my kiddos!

On Wednesday they cancelled school because the ice was suppose to move in around lunch and they were scared that we would have a repeat of last year.   A lot of parents on our street still had to work (even if from home).  Nichole and I offered to take care of all the kids at my house.  We had 10 kids from age 10 months to 10 years, and somehow it was really smooth.  They ate, played games, watched movies, and made lots of memories. And I had a great excuse not to do anything productive on my day off!!
The girls and I did find time to complete our Lent Chart.  In our Sunday School class we are reading this book that talks about helping our kids look outward to others through our windows instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror.  So we came up with 40 things we could do each day to make sure we are looking outward.  It took us a few days just to complete the chart, so I'm hoping that we are able to actually complete them all!

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