Sunday, February 22, 2015


February is coming to an end and I am hopeful that winter is too!  Here are some random pictures from my phone.
Caroline doesn't nap on a regular schedule anymore.  She basically just sleeps whenever she feels the urge.  Usually as soon as she gets in the car.

Cold afternoons mean game time!
Elizabeth took a picture of me and my favorite buddy, Luke, playing outside one day.
Speaking of best buddies, Elizabeth loves her friend Riley (Luke's big est sister).
On Friday the 13th, Bert went to school with Elizabeth for Donuts with Dad.  

Ms. Arasi and Ms. Gibeaut are the best kindergarten teachers ever!
In the afternoon, they exchanged Valentines with their classmates.  Elizabeth colored puzzles for each of her friends, personalized the puzzle, then put them in baggies.  I thought it was a great idea because 1) it was hers and 2) it required nothing from me.  Turns out, it did require something from me... patience.  It took her every bit of two weeks to complete them.  But bless her heart it was so sweet how she carefully chose every color and design for each kid.  
 At my school on Friday, some of the chorus members serenaded a girl in my class for her secret admirer.  So sweet!

On Friday night Elizabeth had her first school dance.  It was a sock hop.  She specifically asked me to make her a blue poodle skirt.  I knew I wouldn't have enough time, so I ordered one.  It didn't come in on time.  I was so disappointed, but Elizabeth took it in stride.  She just said, "I't's okay Mommy, I still look cute!"  I just love her heart, and her confidence!
We ran the Amazing Grace race on Saturday morning.  It supports medical bills for two little girls named Grace who were diagnosed with cancer in August.  
It was really cold that morning, but somehow I ran my fastest pace ever.  It's not fast by "real" runner standards, but it was fast for me.  I ran 3- 9.5 minute miles (about 1 minute less per mile than usual).  I finished 27th in my age group (there were 2100 runners total).  I never run for time, so I was surprised and excited when I realized this.  Bert finished 11th in his age group!  
Playing twister with cousins.
Baking with cousins.
Playing outside with cousins and neighbors.
After two days off for snow (when we actually had no snow), Elizabeth was ready to go back to school so she could celebrate her birthday with her school friends.
They were celebrating during their 9:30 snack time so I didn't want to send sugary treats.  Elizabeth painted these close pins (during our "snow" days) and we turned them into butterflies with grapes and goldfish.
Bert sent me this picture of him and Caroline trying to play outside.  Apparently they lasted about 10 minutes before heading back in to the warmth.
Caroline actually gave me back her ice cream at CFA so she could like her sauce instead.  Silly girl!

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