Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elizabeth is 6!

My baby girl turned 6 on Monday.  I can hardly believe it.  She is growing into such a mature, kind-hearted young lady.  I just can't soak her up enough lately!

Grandma, Jim, Aunt Melanie, and all of her cousins came in to town for the weekend.  We celebrated her birthday on Sunday by going ice skating at the new Avalon outdoor rink in Alpharetta.  It was a beautiful day; perfect for ice skating!

Elizabeth was as determined as ever!  Most athletic endeavors come natural for Elizabeth, but ice skating did not.  She never left the ice once and refused help from us.  By the end of the day, she was turning circles on the ice.  I love her strong spirit and perseverance!

Caroline did surprisingly well!  She barely fell and ended up skating a lot on her very own.

We were all worn out afterwards!  Both girls were asleep before pulling out of the parking lot!

Monday was Elizabeth's actual birthday.  It's become a little tradition on our street to go over to the birthday kid's house after dinner for cake on their actual birthday.  But since we ended up having snow days on Monday and Tuesday, we ordered pizza and let the kids stay and play for a while.  

We made this cake with my mom and sister this weekend for Valentine's day then ran out of time to eat it.  It made the perfect birthday cake!

Happy 6th Birthday Elizabeth Joy!

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