Sunday, March 8, 2015


These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I just didn't want to leave them on my phone, but still wanted to share that Caroline is FINALLY potty trained!!!  
Everyone assured me that it would just click when she was ready.  And guess what? That's exactly what I think happened because she went from no progress at all to full on potty-trained!

Two weeks ago (when we had Melissa and Reese over for brunch) Reese sat down to use Caroline's froggy potty as Caroline watched in amazement.  I guess she was impressed because she sat down right after her and peed on her own!  That was a huge success.  It surprised the heck out of me.  Then she asked me to let her wear big girl panties (she usually begs for  a diaper) so we let her.  She went the rest of the day without an accident and went to the froggy potty every single time   She was still petrified of the big toilet and wouldn't go poo, but this was progress!

After two days of not going #2, we told her she was going to have to wear a diaper again if she didn't.  This actually seemed to motivate her for the very first time.  She wanted to keep wearing big girl panties so bad.  On Monday, Bert sent me a picture (not posted here) of her first poo in the froggy potty. I was so excited!  From that point on she's been 100% in big girl panties.  Even at night time.  She went from full on diaper to full on potty-trained.  The only thing we did right was wait for her to be ready!

After a week of success with the froggy potty we went out to dinner with the Hills.  Halfway through dinner Reese said she had to use the bathroom and Caroline followed suit.  I really didn't think she would go since she was still deathly afraid of sitting on the real toilet.  But she sat right down on that toilet and did her business!  After that she started using the real toilets at home too.  No more froggy potty!  So I guess we should really thank Reese for potty training our baby girl!!

It's been two weeks since she first pee peed on that froggy potty.  I love that we have turned this big corner.  But part of me misses that cushioned little diaper butt!

Potty trained or not, these two will always be my babies!!

And my little ballerina princesses!

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