Thursday, June 12, 2014


On Monday, I took the girls to Legoland.  I'm glad I had two free passes because it was totally worth the $20 for an hour and half of fun for these girls.  

on the train ride through the lego story

The whole city of Atlanta made out of legos.  Even the girls were impressed.

Even though C insisted on wearing her glasses upside down, she loved the 4-D movie.  E wasn't the biggest fan.

We rode this ride a couple of times.  They loved it even though my brave girl had to ride it solo.

C wasn't as brave, but she still loved it as long as she had my hand.

Elizabeth found the kareoke station and performed songs over and over again.  She loved hearing herself on the microphone.  Not sure that everyone else did though! Ha!

The girls were so excited to meet daddy for lunch at Johnny Rockets which was right across from Legoland inside Phipps.

Little princess didn't want to hold her own hotdog.  She's a little spoiled!

Both girls passed out on the way home and slept for another hour once they were in their beds.  Worn out!

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